Grow Your Customer Base With Referrals

Delightful Referral Platform for Subscription Businesses

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Referral Management

Cursive keeps track of who referred who, and if a referral incentive should be awarded or not. Keep your customers happy while we make sure that potential fraud is handled.

Email Notifications

Delight your customers with beautiful emails whenever a successful referral is made. These emails can be forwarded or shared on the web to attract even more customers.

Referral Analytics

Measure your referral growth through powerful analytics. Gain valuable insights on the ROI, virality and other key metrics of your campaigns to increase growth.

This is how it works


Cursive uses up-to-date user data from your Stripe account. Integration is done securely with a single click through Stripe Connect using OAuth.

Unique referral URLs are generated for each one of your customers. These can be distributed to your customers conviniently using the following.


Referr a friend!

Referr a friend and earn $20
Enter Emails...

Modal in your UI

import cursive   c = cursive c.RefCodes.all()




of the first month’s subscription value

  • No monthly fees
  • Minimum $10 per acquired customer
  • Only pay for customers acquired